Upcycle a plain old orange crate and transform it into an adorable doll bed with Tribeca fabrics! Mandy Munroe created this fun tutorial exclusively for SewTimeless. Follow along below, and we promise you’ll never want to toss a clementine box again.


Finished Doll Quilt: 16 ½” x 14 ½”

Made from Tribeca collections: Carly, Stripe Basic, Dot Basic


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Materials Required:

Orange Crate approx. 11 ½” x 7 ½” x 4”
*Safety Note: Prepare your orange box by removing any sharp staples and check for wood splinters. Sand and varnish if necessary. Consider the age of any children likely to play with it. Not recommended for young children.


Pillow (7 ½” x 6” finished)
8” x 12 ½” Pink Floral Geo
Toy stuffing or batting scraps

16” x 20” Pink Stripe

Quilt: select 9 fabrics (6 florals/prints, 3 dots)
Fifty six 2 ½” squares (layout 8 x 7 = 56)
Batting 18” x 16”
Backing 18” x 16” Pool Dot
Double Binding 2” x appx 72”
Note: You will get 2 ½” squares, the pillow fabric and the binding from one Floral Geo fat quarter.

Neutral thread for piecing

Matching thread for machine quilting

¼” foot for patchwork and walking foot for machine quilting

Fine pins and basting pins

Hand sewing needle to finish binding

Let’s get started!

Doll’s Quilt

Step 1.

Lay out 56 squares: 8 across, 7 down. Enjoy playing with the fabrics! They are such fun, happy prints, you might even get a small helper involved and start their love of fabrics right here! Rotate some of the directional prints to mix things up a bit.


Take a photo of your layout to identify any pieces you’d like to change, and to keep a record in case of mishap.

Step 2.

Join the squares into rows and press each row in opposite directions. Mark “top left” and “bottom right” with different color pins.


Step 3. Join the rows, pinning each nested seam so they interlock. Press well. (Photo below shows long seam before pressing.)


Step 4.

Layer up quilt sandwich with batting and backing. Baste and quilt in the ditch. Turn your stitch length up to maximum and baste around the edge 1/8″ in from edge. Trim.


Step 5.

Double Binding
Cut four x 2”strips, join and press seams open. Fold in half lengthwise and press. Apply continuous binding to the front, join and hand stitch to the back.

Add label.


Step 6.

Pillow (7 ½” x 6” finished)

Fold fabric in half, right sides together, short ends together. Pin and stitch around two sides, leaving one side open. Trim corners and turn right side out. Stuff. Turn open end under ¼” and stitch to close.


Step 7.

The mini quilt and pillow are done! Prepare your Orange Box for safety by removing any sharp staples and check for wood splinters. Sand and varnish if necessary as mentioned in materials list above.


Step 8.


Press edges over ¼” twice. Stitch to hem.

Turn orange box upside down. Center fabric over upturned box and fold corners to fit. Pin so the excess folded fabric lays flat down each side.

Stitch, backstitching each end. If your machine has a free arm, it helps to use it for this step!



Ready for doll naptime!
mandy munroe 2015

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