Check out Peek-a-Zoo! How perfect are these for a baby quilt? The fun little animals are sure to please boys and girls alike.

Look for Peek-a-Zoo at your local quilt shop or favorite online retailer this August.


Allover Animals: Fun-C2517-Multi. Monkeys: Fun-C2518-Brown. Crocs: Fun-C2519-Green. Giraffes: Fun-C2520-Yellow. Elephants: Fun-C2521-Blue.


Peek-a-Zoo! Fun-C2517-Multi

Monkeys - Fun-C2518-Brown. Crocs - Fun-C2519-Green. Giraffes - Fun-C2520-Yellow. Elephants - Fun-C2521-Blue.

Elephants: Fun-C2521-Blue. Giraffes: Fun-C2520-Yellow. Crocs: Fun-C2519-Green. Monkeys: Fun-C2518-Brown.

Sketch Basics in Gold, Fog and Dill coordinate like a dream!

Peek-a-Zoo and Sketch

Sketch Basic coordinates from left to right: Fun-C8224-Gold, Fog and Dill.

Peek-a-Zoo and Sketch Fog

Peek-a-Zoo Animals: Fun-C2517-Multi. Sketch Basic: Fun-C8224-Fog

Peek-a-Zoo and Sketch

Elephants: Fun-C2521-Blue. Sketch: Fun-C8224-Gold. Giraffes: Fun-C2520-Yellow. Sketch: Fun-C8224-Dill. Crocs: Fun-C2519-Green. Monkeys: Fun-C2518-Brown.

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