Wendi Gratz of Shiny Happy World was a failed tooth fairy. She writes…

The night after my daughter lost her first tooth she caught me frantically scrabbling around under her pillow in the dark, looking for a tooth the size of an apple seed. 

She (naturally) asked me what the heck I was doing.

“Ummmmmm. . . nothing. Just checking to see if the tooth fairy came yet. I. . . ummmmm. . . couldn’t wait until morning.”

Which she bought, but only because it was her first tooth and she was six years old.

I was a terrible tooth fairy, and this pillow is exactly what I needed.

So, luckily for all of us, Wendi’s difficulty with tooth-fairy duties led her to create this fun and functional tooth fairy pillow! Click any of the images below to download the free pattern.

Wendy used our new Tips for a Healthy Smile fabric with Hatch Grape. We hope this makes your fairy responsibilities a little bit easier!

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pocket detail

pocket close 1000 px

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