Welcome to the fourth and final day of the Tonga Focus Party!

It’s also the last day to enter the Tonga Focus Party Giveaway!

We’re sharing Tonga Sunburst, a funky and visually enticing collection has a cool crushed-fabric explosion look to it. This collection features fluid designs in an eye-catching palette.

Click for larger swatches.

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Check out the stunning projects that feature Tonga Sunburst!


Shadow Play by Diane McGregor


Strips & Squares by Nancy Scott

We love how Sunburst adds a cool tie dye effect to this Frequency quilt by Osie Lebowitz!


Frequency by Osie Lebowitz * FREE PATTERN*

Have you entered the giveaway?

We’re giving away this sweet trio of StripJr packs: Tonga ConfettiTonga Paisley, and Tonga Sunburst.

Enter to win the giveaway HERE.

The giveaway ends today at 1pm EST. Good luck!


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