Welcome to day 2 of the Tonga Focus Party!

Today, we’re showing off fun projects that use Tonga Confetti, a colorful batik that resembles, you guessed it, confetti! 🎉  We love the brights and pastels that make up this fun and cheery collection.

Click for larger swatches.

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Check out the beautiful quilts you can make with Tonga Confetti!


Level Up by Osie Lebowitz *FREE PATTERN*


Cartwheels by Heidi Pridemore

Frequency by Osie Lebowitz combines all 3 Tonga Focus collections! We love how the soft colors of Tonga Confetti contrast against the bold palette of Tonga Paisley and Tonga Sunburst.

If you saw our newsletter or blog post yesterday, you know we’re giving away the 3 StripJr packs you need to make the quilt top below!

Click here to see all the fun we’ve got lined up for the blog this week.


Frequency by Osie Lebowitz *FREE PATTERN*

Enter to win the giveaway HERE.

Good luck!!!


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