Welcome to Team Timeless, an ongoing series of fun tutorials brought to you by some of our favorite designers! Osie Lebowitz is back this month with a silver metallic mantel scarf just in time for holiday festivities. Get in the Christmas spirit and whip up this easy home decor project with plenty of time left over to wrap presents!



Christmas Mantel Scarf
Approx. Size – 18” x 42” (easily adjusted to be larger or smaller)
CLICK HERE for a printer-friendly PDF of this tutorial.

Fabric Requirements (from A Very Merry Christmas)

1/2 yard – Dot-CM9528 White
1/2 yard – Holiday-CM5168 Green
1 Fat Quarter – Holiday-CM6102 Cream
1/8 yard – Holiday-CM6103 Cream
1/8 yard – Hatch-CM2959 White
3/4 yard – Holiday-CM5166 Natural for backing (or piece holiday scraps to make it two-sided!)

Additional Materials
3/4 yard – White flannel (this gives a little body and doesn’t require quilting)
1 1/4 yards of fusible web
2 rolls – 3/8” Red ribbon (9’ each)
Templates for Ornament Shapes (PDF Download) Be sure to print at 100% or “actual” size — no page scaling (no seam allowance as templates are for fusible appliqué)

Cutting Instructions

From CM9528 White, cut one 14” x width-of-fabric (WOF).

From CM5168 Green, cut one 14” x WOF.

From fusible web, cut one 3” x 43” strip. Following fusible web instructions, fuse 3” x 43” web to wrong side of WOF edge of CM5168 Green. Leave the fusible paper on the backing at this time as it will stabilize the fabric while you follow the design of the branches on the fabric to cut a natural looking garland edge (refer to photo).

Using the three ornament shapes in the PDF template, trace a total of 9 ornaments to the fusible web. Following fusible web instructions, fuse web for ornaments on the wrong side of the CM6102 Cream and CM6103 Cream fabrics. Note the fussy placement on CM6102 Cream. Repeat for 9 ornaments tops with fabric CM2959 White. Cut out ornaments and tops.


Lay out CM9528 White on a flat ironing surface. Place CM5268 Green (overlapping the fusible) on the upper WOF on CM9528 White. NOTE: Don’t fuse the two together yet!

Arrange ornaments in a pleasing order with various heights. HINT: Don’t put them close to the bottom, as you will be trimming the bottom later for the swag.

Cut red ribbons in various lengths for the ornaments. Place bottom edge of the ribbon under each ornament. Once you have them in a pleasing arrangement fuse the ornaments in place following fusible web instructions. Add the CM2959 White ornament tops covering the ribbon and fuse. Now is the time to decide if you want any of the ribbons to go under the CM5168 Green fabric or on top. Fuse CM5168 Green to the top edge of Dot CM9528 White.

Choose a decorative stitch on your machine and a fun thread to stitch around each fusible fabric to hold in place. Go ahead and place it on your mantel and see if you need to trim down CM5268 Green, just be sure to leave seam allowances. Also check CM9528 White for desired length. Mark where you want the swag to be placed on the bottom edge at this time. HINT: I marked the swag curve on the back side of Dot CM9528 White for my sewing line.

Using the ribbon make bows for each ornament. Attach ribbons and bows in various heights on CM5168 Green.

To layer the project, lay flannel down first on a flat surface. Then lay the backing fabric right side up on top of the flannel aligning the edges. Finally place the mantel scarf on top of the backing, right side down. Base all 3 layers together. Stitch around the outer three straight edges and following the swag marking (stitch on the marked line) on CM9528 White. Don’t forget to leave an opening at the top middle of CM5168 Green for turning. Trim edges, corners and turn. Press and whip the opening closed and top stitch a ¼” around all edges.

Happy Holidays!!



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