Welcome back to Team Timeless, an ongoing series of fun tutorials brought to you by some of our favorite designers! Stacey Day returns this month with instructions for these bright, fun throw pillows with a hint of metallic glimmer. Featuring our eye-catching Tonga Vivid batiks, these 16″x16″ pillows make perfect practice projects for curved piecing (it’s easier than you think!).

Plus, you can use our Treat-Shortcake 10″ squares to make the color ring section — so precut addicts, ready your rotary cutters!

Color Wheel Pillows (Set of 2) by Stacey Day
Featuring Tonga Vivid batiks
Finished size: 16″ x 16″

fIG. 11_blog2

Fabric Requirements
NOTE: For fabrics E through X, a Treat-Shortcake-Vivid 10″ square precut may be used as an alternative to yardage. You can get 4 Dresden blades from a single 10″ square. One pack contains one each of twenty different 10″ squares.

Fabric A- Dot-CM9528-Cream: 1/3 yard
Fabric B*- Tonga B6866 Vivid: 1/3 yard
Fabric C**- Tonga B6867 Tropical: 1/2 yard
Fabric D**- Tonga B6867 Aruba: 1/2 yard
Fabric E- Tonga-B6654 Cherry: 1/8 yard
Fabric F- Tonga-B6468 Scarlet: 1/8 yard
Fabric G- Tonga-B6869 Orange: 1/8 yard
Fabric H- Tonga-B5941 Carrot: 1/8 yard
Fabric I- Tonga-B4572 Mango: 1/8 yard
Fabric J- Tonga-B6835 Lemon: 1/8 yard
Fabric K- Tonga-B5270 Canary: 1/8 yard
Fabric L- Tonga-B6652 Neon: 1/8 yard
Fabric M- Tonga-B6747 Lime: 1/8 yard
Fabric N- Tonga-B6754 Green: 1/8 yard
Fabric O- Tonga-B6871 Tropical: 1/8 yard
Fabric P- Tonga-B6647 Turquoise: 1/8 yard
Fabric Q- Tonga-B6872 Pool: 1/8 yard
Fabric R- Tonga-B6873 Blue: 1/8 yard
Fabric S- Tonga-B6641 Ocean: 1/8 yard
Fabric T- Tonga-B6868 Grape:  1/8 yard
Fabric U- Tonga-B6647 Iris: 1/8 yard
Fabric V- Tonga-B6469 Purple: 1/8 yard
Fabric W- Tonga-B6873 Violet: 1/8 yard
Fabric X- Tonga-B9777 Lipstick: 1/8 yard


Other Materials
(2) 17″ x 17″ EACH batting and backing fabric.
(2) 16″ pillow forms
Templates (Download PDF here) – Be sure to print actual size/no scaling.

From Fabric A, cut:
(8) Template A
(2) Template C

From Fabric B, cut:
(4) 2 1/4″ x WOF

From Fabric C and D, cut:
(2) 10 1/2″ x 16 1/2″

From Fabric E-X, cut:
(2) Template B


1. Fold one long raw edge of each Fabric C and D rectangle to the wrong side 1/4″. Fold over 1/4″ again and topstitch to finish the edge.  Set aside.

Fig. 1_blog

2. Sew (4) Fabric A Template A pieces together. Press the seams open. Repeat to make (2) Background Rings. set aside for now.

Fig. 2_blog

3. Sew Fabric E-X Template B pieces together in pairs as follows. Make (2) pairs of each. Sew the pairs together in color order, repeating until all the pairs are sewn together into (2) Color Rings. Press seams clockwise.

·       E-F
·       G-H
·       I-J
·       K-L
·       M-N
·       O-P
·       Q-R
·       S-T
·       U-V
·       W-X

fIG. 3_blog

4. Fold the Color Ring and Fabric A Template C piece together in half, mark the centers, then fold in half again and mark the centers. Sew a Color Ring to a Template C piece, matching centers. Press towards the Color Ring.

fIG. 4_blog

fIG. 5_blog

fIG. 6_blog

5. Fold the Background Rings in half, then half again as shown. mark the centers. Fold the Background ring in half, marked center to marked center as shown. Sew Background Ring to the outside of the Color Rings, matching all center points. Press out towards the background.

fIG. 7_blog

Fig. 8_blog

6. Layer the backing, batting, and pillow top; baste the layers together and quilt as desired. Trim the batting and backing even with the pillow top.

fIG. 9_blog

7. Place the quilted pillow top right side down. Layer the Fabric C rectangles right side up on the WRONG SIDE of the quilted pillow top, so that the finished edges overlap in the center. Pin in place and baste around the outside.

fIG. 10_blog

8. Sew the Fabric B binding strips end to end using diagonal seams to make one continuous piece. Fold in half wrong sides together and press the length.

9. Sew the binding to the pillow top, mitering the corners. Turn the binding to the back of the pillow and hand-stitch in place. Repeat with the second pillow using the remaining length of binding. remove the basting stitches if needed. Insert a 16″ pillow form and enjoy!


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