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We’re excited to share projects using our cozy Tailor Made Flannel Oxford Plaids! The line is back this Spring with 36 brand-new flannel designs. Be sure to ask for these fabrics at your local quilt shop—they are shipping this month!

These throw blankets are simple to create, and because there’s no batting, they are super portable. Perfect for the car or stroller! Or, keep one handy on the sofa. Can’t you picture snuggling up for a movie under one of these, with a big bowl of popcorn? And they make great gifts too!


To make the flannel throws, cut two Tailor Made: Oxford Plaid Flannels to whatever size you’d like the blanket to be (ours were approximately 65″ long by Width of Fabric, or 42″).

We used two different fabrics for a reversible look. Place fabrics right sides together and stitch a 5/8″ seam around the sides, leaving a gap for turning. Turn the blanket right sides out, poke out corners, press, and top stitch. Be sure to catch the edges of your opening in the top stitching!

NOTE: We used a fun pom-pom trim to dress up the edges. You can either sew the pom-pom tape into the seam (pom-poms facing the inside of the project, sandwiched and pinned between the fabric edges right sides together) or apply the tape as you top-stitch the edges closed, like we did.


Fabrics shown above from left to right: Tweed Texture, Bias Shepards Check, Glen Plaid.




For the scarves, cut the length of fabric that you would like (ours are about 65″ x 10″, plus a shorter kid-sized version), and apply pom-pom tape to short edges only.


Fabrics featured in scarves above, left to right: Shepard’s Check, Buffalo Check, Mini Houndstooth, Tweed Texture.


Check out the full Tailor Made Flannel: Oxford Plaids collection here! We can’t wait to see all your cozy projects!

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