We hope everyone had a lovely holiday! Here is a collection that should help you unwind a bit from all the excitement. Take a breather with Daniela Stout‘s latest batik collection, Tonga Zen. While her debut collection, Tonga Cabana, featured invigorating, summery colors earlier this year, these toned-down hues will be sure to leave you calm and mellow.

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We’ve got tons of fabulous quilt patterns for Tonga Zen to share with you, plus a beautiful block of the month program! Scroll down for photos and click each one for more information.

Look for this collection at your local shop, favorite online retailer, or at Daniela Stout’s Cozy Quilt Shop in El Cajon, CA, of course!

Tranquility Place

Tranquility Place Block of the Month by Daniela Stout – pattern includes FIVE bonus quilts, one for each chapter of the pattern book, to help you practice the technique learned in that chapter!

Bouquet Toss

Bouquet Toss by Daniela Stout

Brighter Side

Brighter Side by Daniela Stout

Drop Diamonds

Drop Diamonds by Daniela Stout

Three Layer Cake

Three Layer Cake by Daniela Stout

Winter Solstice Twin

Winter Solstice by Daniela Stout

ZEN 6PACK- 6Pack Magic

6Pack Magic – Free pattern by Daniela Stout, included in every Treat-6Pack-Zen package

ZEN QUARTER- Northern Sky

Northern Sky – Free pattern by Daniela Stout included in every Treat-Quarter-Zen package

ZEN STRIPS- Girls Best Friend

Girl’s Best Friend – Free pattern by Daniela Stout included in Treat-Strip-Zen package

ZEN SQUARES- Diamond Lane

Diamond Lane – Free pattern by Daniela Stout included in every Treat-Square-Zen package


Skinny Runner – Free pattern by Daniela Stout included in every Treat-Mini-Zen pack

Zen quilt

Flight Plan – Free Downloadable Pattern by Marilyn Foreman, Quilt Moments

Now, inhale… exhale… We feel the tranquility already! Don’t you?

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