We’re welcoming Shannon Brinkley, author of the new book Scrappy Bits Applique, to the blog today to talk about fabric selection for her unique quilt-making method! A big fan of Timeless Basics, Shannon can be found at thebottletree.net.

Shannon’s method requires a nice stash of basics and scraps, so we thought we’d help you build yours up with a giveaway! The author has generously offered up a signed copy of her book to one winner as well. Scroll down to the bottom of this post to enter. There will be FOUR WINNERS in all – make sure to scroll through the images to see all the prizes offered!

Around the World Quilt - Scrappy Bits Applique by Shannon Brinkley

In my new book, Scrappy Bits Applique, I teach my fast and easy method for raw-edge applique. It is perfect for beginners, quilters new to applique, and quilters just looking for a fun technique! The first half of the book takes you step-by-step through my techniques, from choosing fabric to the last stitch of binding. I go over color theory, fabric and product selection, as well as how to design your own “scrappy bits” quilt! The second half of the book includes 8 original projects to try out your new skills!

Scrappy Bits Applique by Shannon BrinkleyThe really unique element of my “scrappy bits” quilts is the interesting texture that is created by collaging a bunch of little pieces. This texture and the tiny pieces make the quilts look very intricate, as well as time consuming and difficult, but (and this will be our little secret) they’re not! Let me share with you some of my tricks! To get that texture, I follow a very simple formula when choosing fabric for my collages:

1-2 solids + 1-2 batiks + 3-5 monochromatic prints = loveliness

TT Fabric Bundles-3

(left to right) Soho Solid Azure, Hatch Metallic Navy, Jazz Delft, Sketch Breeze, Polka Dot Blue, Tonga Zig Zag Blue, Sketch Blue, Pin Dot Royal, Soho Solid Breeze, Jazz Royal

TT Fabric Bundles-4

Studio Pink, Polka Dot Pink, Jazz Lipstick, Pin Dot Lipstick, Jazz Pink, Sketch Candy, Studio Candy, Soho Candy, Studio Lipstick, Dream Pink

TT Fabric Bundles-2

Hatch Metallic Green, Polka Dot Lime, Pin Dot Green, Jazz Green, Soho Grass, Studio Dill, Sketch Grass, Soho Lime, Studio Pine, Sketch Lime, Java Blender Midori, Jazz Spring

TT Fabric Bundles-1

Soho Graphite, Jazz Smoke, Hatch Metallic White, Polka Dot Steel, Jazz Charcoal, Tonga Zig Zag Piano, Jazz Grey, Dream Steel, Rain Steel, Soho White, Sketch Dove, Ziggy Piano

I grab a couple solids, a couple batiks (or textured solids), and several monochromatic prints, all of various tones and shades of the same color. By monochromatic print, I mean a print that is all or mostly all one color. I will also typically include one print that is bolder than the rest to add additional interest (like the Polka Dot, Zig Zag, and Ziggy prints in these bundles). You can, of course, mix up colors if you like. I sometimes (like in the cover quilt) throw in a contrasting or complementary color to my monochromatic palette. Notice that in the map of the world quilt, I did included blues, greens, and oranges, but I kept them separated slightly in monochromatic sections.

Fallen Leaves Quilted Throw Pillows - Scrappy Bits Applique by Shannon Brinkley

I use A LOT of Timeless Treasures fabrics in my collages because they have a really wide range of basics with consistent colorways throughout, which makes my fabric pull a cinch, and I know that they will all look really lovely together once collaged. Their quality is also amazing and so nice to work with. And Sketch makes fabulous backgrounds!

Tamed Fox Quilt - Scrappy Bits Applique by Shannon Brinkley

So, enter the giveaway below, grab some Timeless Treasures fabrics and a copy of Scrappy Bits Applique, and I will take you step by step through my fast and easy process of turning lovely fabric (like these!) into really interesting and unique quilts!
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