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I am so excited to be here today sharing my “End of the Rainbow Skirt” with you.


Timeless Treasures has some of the cutest fabrics available, but their Sketch Basics have to be one of my favorites. Maybe it has something to do with the wide variety of beautiful colors they come in.

I am sure many of you are quilters and use these fabrics in the body of a quilt more often than not. But today I want to show you how you can take these basic quilter cottons and turn them into a fun and colorful skirt for your little one to enjoy!

I started out by choosing my color for the main body of the skirt, and decided Cream would give it a light, summery feel. It also lets my contrasting colors POP out and make more of a statement.


As, I mentioned above, the Sketch Basics come in so many beautiful colors, it was quite difficult to narrow it down!


I decided the length of my daughter’s skirt should be 16″, so I cut the fabric on the fold 16″ away from the raw trimmed edges on my cutting mat (fabric is folded selvage to selvage, pictured below). This means my cut rectangle was 16″ by the width of the fabric, which is 44″. (The long 44″ side will end up being gathered around the waist of the skirt. If you want the skirt longer or shorter than 16″, adjust that measurement accordingly.)

I cut 2 rectangles this size (16″x44″), one for the front of the skirt and one for the back of the skirt.

I cut separate strips (one front, one back) for the waistband in the same cream color. You can cut this according to your desired waistband width. The length should be determined by the wearer’s waist measurement. Mine was 4″ wide by 13″ long (meaning total waist measurement was appx 26″). Remember to account for the seam allowance used when cutting the waistband.

Then I cut TWO 3″ strips (on the fold of the fabric again, making the length 44″) from my first rainbow accent color. Continue cutting in the same way for the other rainbow colors. Cut one strip for the front and one strip for the back of the skirt in EACH desired rainbow color.


I played around with my color placement. There is NO right or wrong. It just depends on your liking. I used Citron, Coral, Navy, Red, Aqua, and Lime (pictured left to right below).


You can use a serger like I did to reinforce the long edges of the rainbow strips. You can also use a zigzag stitch if you don’t have a serger.

On ONE long edge of each strip, fold fabric wrong sides together about 1/4″ (it’s OK to eyeball it here), and press with an iron and topstitch to create a finished edge.

I wanted the Navy blue to be the bottom color of the rainbow. So I placed my color strip and main skirt body right sides together at the bottom of the skirt, aligning the bottom raw edges. I stitched in place then serged the seam allowance.


I then turned the strip over and pressed flat with an iron. Your finished Navy strip edge will now be at the bottom of the skirt. I took my next color strip, determined my spacing and pinned in place. I then sewed along the edge and pressed over again. Now you’ll start to see the rainbow coming together!


I repeated the same thing with the next color and the next.


I used a total of 6 different colors on this skirt.

I REPEATED the same process for both the front and back of the skirt.


For the rest of the skirt construction you can go HERE and HERE to see how it was put together.

Turning your Sketch Basics strips over and leaving the layers open gives the skirt extra body and added dimension.


As well as giving you a unique look and quality.


My daughter is in LOVE with her “End of the Rainbow” skirt!


She was so excited that I had just enough fabric to make her another skirt but with a different color scheme.


I applied the same method, only this time, I used 2 alternating colors (Pool and Tangerine) and played around a bit more with the scale of the strips.


When you ask her which one is her favorite, she says, “BOTH!”

And, I think I can understand why… they are both adorable on her! Wouldn’t you agree?

Thank you so much Timeless Treasures, for having me.

I would love for you to come visit me over at my blog, or you can always connect with me on Facebook. Either way I would love to get to know you.

Have a great day!

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