It’s almost Thanksgiving and we are in full menu-planning, decor-making mode! We teamed up with Pellon and Marni Weaver of Haberdashery Fun to share this festive basket cover. The project is a variation of Marni’s original Quilted Holiday Bread Basket Cover that Pellon Projects posted last year. We love the cute turkey variation she whipped up!

Here‘s Marni’s post for the Turkey version, and be sure to check out Pellon’s blog post for this project here.


So festive for the holidays!

Marni quilted our Gold Endpaper print for the body; its texture reminds us of feathers! Spring Basic in CardinalPumpkin and Sunflower were perfect for the wings and body parts.


Ice-C1316-Gold for the body, Spring-C9497 Cardinal, Pumpkin and Sunflower for accents

Follow Marni’s original instructions for the basket cover at Pellon Projects here, and check out the turkey variation here!


Tutorial at Pellon Projects/Haberdashery Fun

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