Last week, we hinted that something fun was in the works with our sister company, Dear Stella – and now we can reveal our top-secret plans!

Today we’re launching the Modern Traditional Mini Quilt Challenge!
(For a handy one-page PDF of the challenge guidelines, click HERE.)

We’re challenging you to make a “modern traditional” mini quilt that that uses fabrics from both Dear Stella and Timeless Treasures. You have all of April to complete and submit your project.

Joining us are two of our favorite celebrity quilters, Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts and Katy Jones of Monkey Do. Julie and Katy will be judges of the #DSTTchallenge, along with a judge from each of the Dear Stella and Timeless teams.

Julie Katy

When the challenge concludes, Julie and Katy will be sharing their own “modern traditional” mini quilt interpretations. We can’t wait to see what they dream up!

We’ve got some truly awesome prizes lined up, including this massive 60-piece half yard custom selection of two Dear Stella and Timeless favorites – Mini Confetti Dots and Sketch!

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  1. Finished mini quilt must measure 20″ x 20″.
  2. Mini quilt must use only Dear Stella and Timeless Treasures fabrics — at least 2 prints from each company.
  3. No solids may be used in the mini quilt.
  4. Mini quilt should reflect your interpretation of the theme “modern traditional.”

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  1. Email a photo of your finished entry to by 11:59pm April 30, 2014. Winners will be announced Friday, May 2nd.
  2. Submit no more than 3 photos of your entry (1 that shows the full quilt, and up to 2 detail shots). Photos should be clear and in focus, and medium-to-high resolution.
  3. Include a ruler or tape measure in the photo of your finished quilt, so we can ensure your project measures the specified dimensions (20″ x 20″).
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• If you’re running low on Dear Stella or Timeless Treasures fabrics, check out our store locators:

Dear Stella – Where To Buy
Timeless Treasures – Shops, Online

• Both DS and TT offer a variety of coordinating basics that can be used in lieu of solids:

Dear Stella: Confetti Dots, Mini Confetti Dots, Zig Zags, Sunburst Stripes
Timeless Treasures: Sketch, Dream, Rain, Spring, Willow, Pearle, Frosting, Understudy, Java Blenders

• Share photos of your Works in Progress (WiP) on Instagram, because we’ll be hosting a mid-challenge giveaway! Post your projects while you’re working on them, using the hashtag #DSTTchallenge. Make sure to tag @dearstellafab and @sewtimeless in the caption of the photo. We’ll be picking a winner from the hashtag pool during the week of April 21st – you could win a huge charm pack of DS and TT basics!

• Show off your work and get inspired over on the #DSTTchallenge Flickr group! Head over here to check it out.

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[av_hr class=’invisible’ height=’20’ shadow=’no-shadow’ position=’center’ av_uid=’av-4q5eo’] [av_icon_box icon=’ue8a8′ font=’entypo-fontello’ position=’top’ title=’First Place’ link=” linktarget=” linkelement=” av_uid=’av-3ryrw’] 60 half-yard cuts of Dear Stella Mini Confetti and Timeless Sketch – that’s 30 yards of fabric total! The winner will also be featured on the Dear Stella and Timeless blogs.
[/av_icon_box] [av_hr class=’invisible’ height=’20’ shadow=’no-shadow’ position=’center’ av_uid=’av-38vw4′] [av_icon_box icon=’ue8a8′ font=’entypo-fontello’ position=’top’ title=’Second Place’ link=” linktarget=” linkelement=” av_uid=’av-2nueo’] 24 fat quarters of assorted Dear Stella Mini Confetti and Timeless Sketch.
[/av_icon_box] [av_hr class=’invisible’ height=’20’ shadow=’no-shadow’ position=’center’ av_uid=’av-1x6u8′] [av_icon_box icon=’ue8a8′ font=’entypo-fontello’ position=’top’ title=’Third Place’ link=” linktarget=” linkelement=” av_uid=’av-1kw64′] 12 fat quarters of assorted Dear Stella Mini Confetti and Timeless Sketch.

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WiP Giveaway (selected at random on Instagram): Giant charm pack – see “Tips” section above

This towering stack of fabric could be YOURS!

Good luck! We can’t wait to see your beautiful creations!

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