Hi! I’m Cheryl from Sew Can Do and I’m thrilled to share a new tutorial here at SewTimeless: A Fabric Takeout Box.  Using the super cute Tossed Hearts print and a coordinating pink Soho Solid, this makes a great Valentine’s Day project. It would also work well with the new Candy Hearts fabric! Perfect for holding sweet treats, a special gift or to use as a fun little handbag.
Here’s how –
You’ll Need:
– Paper takeout container (use a clean one from a restaurant or buy at craft store)
– 1/2yd outer fabric (I used Timeless Treasures Tossed Hearts: Heart-C1269-white)
– 1/2yd lining fabric (I used Timeless Treasures Soho Solid Ballet Pink: Soho-Ballet)
– 1/2yd (or 21″w x 18″l piece) Craft Fusible stabilizer (aka interfacing)
– Iron & ironing surface
– Sewing Notions (thread, shears, tailor’s chalk/disappearing marker, pencil)
– 3 snaps (I used pink heart shaped snaps available at KAMsnaps)
Remove handle and any side staples from the paper box and unfold.  Use weights or heavy objects to hold box flat on top of fabric.
Trace around the outside of the flattened box, adding a 1/4inch around all sides:

Cut a second piece of the same size from the tossed hearts fabric and a piece from the fusible stabilizer that is the same size as the original paper box.  Center stabilizer on wrong side of heart fabric and fuse in place.  With right sides of fabrics facing, stitch along raw edges with a 1/4 inch seam allowance, leaving a 2 inch gap along one of the sides for turning:
Trim along seam allowance, cutting very close to stitching around corners.
Turn right side out through the gap, using a pencil or knitting needle to push out corners.  Fold raw edges of gap inward.  Press flat.
Topstitch 1/8 inch inward around entire edge.
Using chalk or disappearing marker, draw crease lines on the lining side of box.  Tip: placing paper box over the fabric and poking pins through the 4 corners of the rectangle base, and marking those spots, makes it easy to get the exact line placement.  Use ruler & marker to draw all lines.

Stitch along all the markings:
Next fold the sides (insides facing) along the middle seam of the diamond shaped parts and press as shown:
Fold inward the side and press the stitching that forms the rectangle base of the box:

Then repeat with the four flap sections:

Push the creased portions outward:

And fold together, overlapping on opposite sides as shown and pin in place:

Poke a hole through all the layers with a nail and install snap, with the female side on the outside:

Also add a snap to the top flaps for a nice closure:
To make the handle, cut a piece of the pink that is 3 inches wide by 14 inches long, and a piece of stabilizer that is 2 and 1/2 inches wide by 14 inches long. Fuse stabilizer to the wrong side of the fabric, leaving a 1/4inch space on either of the length sides (step 1).  Press length sides inward (step 2).  Bring sides to meet in the middle and fold again.  Press closed (step 3).  Topstitch around entire piece (step 4):

Install a snap on each end of the handle and snap into place:

Now this little sweetheart box is ready to share some love:)  Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!!

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