Hi Timeless readers! I’m Vicky Rabinowicz, and I am an illustrator with a love for textile design and sewing fun stuff. I was so excited to design a project for Timeless Treasures using their cute and colorful Little Love fabrics! I’ll be guiding you through the steps to make the pocketed pillow below. Tutorials for the stuffed elephant and giraffe are available on my blog.


step 10


Fat quarter white elephant fabric (Fun – c2484) for center panel, cut 17.5″ x 17.5″

1/2 yard black heart fabric (Fun – c2486) for sashing and pocket trim, cut 4 pieces 17.5″ x 2″, and 1 piece 17.5″ x 3″

Fat quarter green fabric (Dream – c1807) for pocket, cut 17.5″ x 8″

Fat quarter or fabric scrap orange fabric (Dream – c1807) for corners, cut 4 pieces 2.25″ x 2″

3/4 yards white heart fabric (Fun – c2486) for pillow backing, cut 20″ x 10″ and 20″ x 16″

1 pillow form 20″ x 20”

Wash, dry, and press all fabric.
All seam allowances are 1/4″ unless otherwise noted. Press seams open as you go.

Let’s get started!

Cut the pieces according to the measurements listed in the “supplies” list above (fig. 1). For pocket trim, leave 1/4″ below the bottommost row of hearts (fig. 2).

step 1a

Fig. 1


Fig. 2

With hearts upside down & fabrics right sides together, sew pocket panel and pocket trim together (fig. 1). Flip heart fabric to the back and press (fig. 2).

step 2a

Fig. 1

step 2b

Fig. 2

Fold top edge over to reveal one row of hearts. Slip stitch to secure.

step 3
Place pocket flap on top of front panel, right sides up. Pin two of the sashing pieces to the sides of the center panel, right sides together. Sew and press open.

step 4

Pin and sew short sides of corner pieces to both short sides of the two remaining sashing pieces. Press seams open.

step 5

Pin sashing pieces to the top and bottom of the center panel. Sew and press seams open.

step 6

Now for the back… cut 2 rectangles, 1 piece 20″ x 10″ and the other 20″ x 16″. You will finish one 20″ side of each piece. To do this, fold long & press edge over 1/4″ (fig. 1), then fold over & press again 1/2″ (fig. 2). Pin and topstitch just along bottom edge of fold.

step 7a

Fig. 1

step 7b

Fig. 2

To assemble the pillowcase, place your front panel right side up. Put the larger back flap on top, right side down, lining up the 3 raw edges of the back panel with sides and top of the front panel (finished edge is in the middle). On top of that put the smaller flap, right side down, and again line up the 3 raw edges, but this time with the sides and bottom (finished edge in the middle).

Your finished edges of each back flap will overlap each other. Pin and sew around all 4 edges. Clip corners and turn pillowcase right side out.

step 8a

step 8b

Insert pillow into pillow case. Voila!

step 9

Enjoy! Now lean back and relax a while…



See these two reading Dr. Seuss? They’d make great snuggle buddies for the recipient of the awesome pillow you just made, and they fit perfectly into it’s pocket! If your looking for quick and easy, go for the elephant; you’ll find the tutorial here. His friend takes a bit longer but is worth every minute – giraffe tutorial here.


If not, your little one can use the pocket to stash bedtime books, a favorite stuffed animal, notes from the tooth fairy, or anything else his/her heart desires!
xo, vicky

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