Hi, SewTimeless readers! I’m Nan at Purrfect Spots. I am an animal lover and when I see animal fabric, I am automatically “hooked” so to speak. When I saw this fabric by Timeless Treasures – you guessed it! Had to have it. This print is Le Chat by Hoodie.

I knew it would be “purrfect” for my guest tutorial here on SewTimeless; I am making a Kennel Quilt especially for my kitties! I want them to have something soft to sit on in their kennels when we go to the veterinarian. Not a favorite thing to do for them or me, but the quilt helps. Using red, black & smoke from the Soho Solids collection, it coordinates “purrfectly” with the Le Chat fabric. Now I was all set to go. The quilt measures 12” x 18” and fits most standard kennels as well as shelter cage facilities for kitties. I lined up my fabric strips starting with a 6 1/2” strip x 18 1/2” strip of the Le Chat fabric and then lined up the rest of the fabric in the following manner, and then sewed the strips together along the long edges (right sides together, of course). Join the black and red strips first, then join the kitty and grey strips. Then sew those two units together, and join that unit to the larger Le Chat piece.

Red – 2 1/2” x 18 1/2”

Black – 1 1/2” x 18 1/2”

Kitty – 1 1/2” x 18 1/2”

Gray – 2 1/2” x 18 1/2”

Once that was done, I cut out a backing 12 1/2” x 18 1/2” and placed it right side up on my quilting table. With right sides together, I aligned the raw edges of the quilt top and the quilt backing. I then placed the batting on top of the quilt top, again aligning the raw edges. Next I pinned all the layers together.

I then sewed all around the edges, but left a 10” opening for turning.

After stitching the layers together, I turned the little quilt inside out carefully poking out the corners. I did trim the corners before turning.

Next I did a whipstitch to close the opening and then pressed the quilt (if you’ve never done a whipstitch to close a turn-opening before, it’s a simple and handy stitch to know. Ask your local quilt shop for help, or search Youtube for a tutorial).

I did a very simple quilting to keep the batting in place. I just did “stitch in the ditch” on the edge of the strips and the stitched a straight line from edge to edge in the kitty fabric.

And now my Kitty Kennel is ready for its new owner!

When I was discussing my idea for Kennel Kitty Quilts with Timeless Treasures, Hurricane Sandy was headed for the East Coast in late October. As you know I am an animal lover but you may not know that I was a disaster responder for The Humane Society of the United States. I worked fires, floods, tornadoes and hurricanes. So when I saw all the devastation that Sandy left behind, I knew I had to help.
I contacted The Quilt Pattern Magazine  and the Petfinderfoundation.com  and we joined together to help the animal victims of Sandy. The Quilt Pattern Magazine is offering free downloadable quilt patterns for the Kennel quilts. You can download the directions here. There are also lists of shelters that need your help. If you don’t have time to make a quilt, then you can give a monetary donation to the Petfinderfoundation.com. Whatever you choose, remember the animals continue to need our help during this long recovery effort.

So as a result of Hurricane Sandy, instead of making some very elaborate quilts for my cats, I found myself making quick easy quilts to send to the shelters in New York, New Jersey and West Virginia. You see the results on this blog. I used some of the scraps left over from my original quilt and came up with another quilt top. As this goes to print I am still working on even more! Experiment with your piecing and see what you come up with!

The kennel quilts don’t have to be fancy. But using lovely fabrics like these from Timeless Treasures will be a bonus for you as well as them. However the kitties don’t care. They just want a soft place to sit!

So I hope after reading this blog, you will consider helping the animal victims of Hurricane Sandy and make a Kennel Quilt. It will make a “Purrfect” gift for those kitties in need!

If you have any questions, please email me at nan@purrfectspots.com. I hope you enjoyed this guest tutorial!

Nan Baker
© 2012 Nan Baker PURRFECT SPOTS

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