Our first collection by REVIVE is starting to hit stores! We are beyond excited about this new division of Timeless Treasures.

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REVIVE is a study of the designs of a specific era or movement, perhaps a monarch’s reign, an economic upheaval or an artistic style. Each new release will be a collection of vintage prints curated to include the most beautiful and interesting elements of the highlighted era. Antique swatches are colored and styled with a contemporary twist to make them useable and relevant in present day design. Beautiful antique prints and stylistic interpretation breathe new life into the era-driven design that is REVIVE.

Our first collection, Charleston, focuses on fabrics from the Art Deco period:


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Check out the vintage swatches that inspired the collection, hanging in our booth at Quilt Market in Minneapolis last month. These are actual fabrics from the era!



Art Deco is a decorative artistic style that emerged in the 1920s and influenced many forms of creative design including fine art, architecture, film, advertising, industrial design and manufacturing. The international movement took the United States by storm for about three decades, peaking in the 1930s. Art Deco was born at the International Exposition of Modern Industrial and Decorative Arts, a World’s Fair that took place in Paris in 1925 (although the first time it was referred to as “Art Deco” wasn’t until 1968!). As world travel became more fashionable, this flashy new style spread quickly. It gained momentum in the U.S. among artists, designers and architects and was heavily influenced by the rapid industrialization of that time period.

Art Deco took inspiration from its predecessor, Art Nouveau, which featured flowy organic shapes, plants and feminine portraits. The Art Deco movement took this a step further by embracing modern technology. The natural motifs of Art Nouveau—like sunbursts and sweeping lines—evolved into more structural elements, bolder lines and colors, and symmetry. New materials and technological advancements were modernizing the appearance of everyone’s surroundings; so naturally, motifs were borrowed from gleaming new structures like radiator grilles or the spire of the Chrysler building.

A renewed focus on beauty and decoration was key to the Art Deco lifestyle. Stepped, symmetrical and radiating designs were popular and used in architecture and design and certainly were found in fabric and décor. Hollywood’s “Golden Age” was in full swing, and it was a time for extravagance, glitter and gold! With WWI firmly in the past, Americans were enjoying a more lavish lifestyle, and a futuristic buzz was in the air.

We made an inspiration board on Pinterest to get in the Art Deco mood. Classic, elegant design never goes out of style!

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We’ve got seven fabulous quilt recommendations for this glam collection. For more information on each quilt pictured below, visit our Projects page. Detailed pattern information – plus fabric requirements for each one – are available via PDF download!

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We’re also totally in love with these Clutched purses by May Chappell, made by Leslie Meltzer.


Plenty more fun is in store for Charleston by REVIVE. We’re teaming up with Electric Quilt for a block challenge in July, plus we’ll be doing a blog tour with giveaways the week of July 20! Keep an eye on our Instagram too, as we’ll be doing an exclusive giveaway for followers.

Almost a century has passed since the birth of Art Deco, but REVIVE is breathing new life into this iconic style with its debut collection, Charleston!


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