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You may have noticed on our Quilt Market recap that we just introduced our 2nd collection by REVIVE!

REVIVE is a study of the designs of a specific era or movement, perhaps a monarch’s reign, an economic upheaval or an artistic style. Each new release is a collection of vintage prints curated to include the most beautiful and interesting elements of the highlighted era. Antique swatches are colored and styled with a contemporary twist to make them useable and relevant in present day design. Beautiful antique prints and stylistic interpretation breathe new life into the era-driven design that is REVIVE.

Our second collection, Art Nouveau, will be available in two color stories: one inspired by Asian Art Nouveau, and one inspired by the work of William Morris. Both focus on actual fabrics from the Art Nouveau period. Check out the original vintage swatches that inspired this collection! They were hanging in our Quilt Market booth.


Art Nouveau, or “New Art”, was a movement that swept through the decorative arts and architecture of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Flourishing throughout Europe, the United States and beyond, Art Nouveau was aimed at modernizing design, seeking to break away from the historical styles that previously had such a stronghold on the art world.

Artists drew inspiration from both organic and geometric forms, such as the stems and blossoms of plants, or angular shapes found in nature. This combination resulted in elegant designs that united flowing, natural contours with more linear forms.

Two distinct influences of Art Nouveau were renowned artist William Morris, and the Japanese design aesthetic that became popular in the 1800s.

English designer William Morris was a leading member of the Arts and Crafts Movement, a reaction against the Industrial Revolution’s focus on machines and technology. Famous for his luxurious, intricate surface patterns, Morris found inspiration in nature’s pure forms. His great interest in art history also informed his aesthetic. This legendary artist’s influence can still be found in today’s wallpapers, tapestry and fabric designs.

In the late 1800s, trade routes to Japan that had previously been closed off were reopened. Merchant ships and travellers were able to access this previously secluded country and Japanese art flooded the western marketplace. Highly collectible Asian wood-block prints, especially those featuring florals and sweeping curves, influenced notable European artists of the time. The Japanese aesthetic had a lasting influence on Art Nouveau style.

In America, the Art Nouveau movement was called the “Tiffany Style” because of its connection with the Art Nouveau glassmaker and jeweler Louis Comfort Tiffany. Famous for his luxurious Art Nouveau glassware, Tiffany’s New York firm was enormously successful and his work often imitated.


Here are the fabrics in our collection — vintage designs with a fresh twist for today’s quilter!


Asian-Inspired Color Option


William Morris inspired color option

We love these designs for apparel and home decor, and of course, QUILTING!

As the Wind Blows

“As the Wind Blows” by P. Darlene Griffith, PDG Creations. 70.5″ x 84.5″

Picture 51988

“Japanese Jigsaw” by Tracey Brookshier, Brookshier Design Studio. 64″ x 70″

Picture 52257

“Showcase” by Laurel Anderson, Whisper Color. 88″ x 88″

Flower Baskets

“Flower Baskets” by Diane McGregor, Castilleja Cotton. 70″ x 70″

Look for Art Nouveau by REVIVE at your local quilt shop or favorite online retailer later this month!


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