We hope everyone is having a lovely and warm start to the summertime! We have a super fun (and bright!) quilt tutorial to share with you today, thanks to Mandy Munroe. Mandy used the Timeless basics Dash by Quilts for Kids, as well as Sketch in Mist to create this playful quilt – perfect for the little one in your life.

Quilts for Kids is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that transforms fabrics into patchwork quilts that comfort children with life-threatening illnesses and children of abuse. 10% of net sales from the Dash Basic collection are donated to the organization.

Take it away, Mandy!

Hugs All Around Quilt 36” x 48”

designed by mandy munroe 2016

The colours of these fabrics are so fun and bright, they are perfect for this kid-size quilt.

Fabrics needed

You’ll need a fat quarter of all 8 colours of the Dash print and 1yd of Sketch in Mist for background and binding, because it goes with EVERYTHING.

Group quilt

If you would like to make this as a group project, you’ll just need 8 people to make a big hug and a little hug block each, from a fat quarter (or 4 people and double up).

A percentage of all Dash fabrics sold go to the charity Quilts for Kids.

The Blocks

Based on a variation of the snowball block, the BIG hugs are 12” square and the LITTLE hugs are 6” finished. We’ll be making 8 big hugs and 8 little hug blocks.


Big Hug 12”

Cut from each of 8 Dash colours:

4 7/8” squares x2

4 1/2”squares x4

For each big block cut background:

4 7/8” squares x2 (16 total)

4 1/2” squares x1 – centre (8 total)

Little Hug 6”

Cut from each of 8 Dash colours:

2 7/8” squares x 2

2 1/2” squares x4

For each little block cut background:

2 7/8” squares x2 (16 total)

2 1/2” squares x1 – centre (8 total)

Cut 6 1/2”  background squares x8 total for plain, background squares

Other materials needed

Sharp pencil

Neutral thread for piecing

Matching thread for machine quilting

¼” foot, walking foot and free motion foot (if machine quilting)

Fine and basting pins

Backing fabric, approx. 45” x 55”

Batting, approx. 45” x 55”

Double Binding


Big Hug blocks (make 8):

Half Square Triangles (HST’s)

Place 4 7/8” square of background and colour right sides together.

Draw a thin pencil line diagonally across from corner to corner. Place pins at each side to keep squares together.

Stitch 1/4” either side of the pencil line.

Press to set stitching and cut apart along line.

Carefully press seam behind the colour, keeping block square.

Repeat for other 4 7/8” square (makes 4 HST’s total)

Lay out all nine pieces to create a circle of colour with background square in the centre.

Join into rows, press seams away from HST’s and centre.

Pin seams to lock in and join rows.


Little Hug blocks (make 8)

Repeat method above using 2 7/8” squares for HST’S

Here are my little hugs (I’m just enjoying playing with all of the lovely colours really)  🙂

Making up

Lay out in your chosen design. My suggested layout has three big blocks across and four down. Alternate little blocks with plain background squares (6 1/2”) to fill in.

Join into rows, pin all seams to lock in. Press the seams towards the plain squares where possible. Join rows and press seams in one direction.


Layer up quilt sandwich and pin to baste.

Quilt as desired. I meandered the background down and let the Hugs pop.

Pin around the edge of the quilt, turn your stitch length up to maximum and baste around the edge 1/8” in from edge.

Trim and sew in ends.

Double Binding

Cut five 2” wide strips across WOF.

Join, press seams open and press in half along length.

Apply binding to quilt with walking foot, join and press. Hand stitch to the back.

Add label and gift it to someone special 🙂

If you would like to make a quilt to donate to Quilts For Kids you can find out more information here!

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