We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Gobble gobble!

Now it’s “officially” the holiday season, and we could not be more excited. What better way to kick off the most festive time of year than by stitching up some cute stockings for friends and family?

Head to Shiny Happy World for the free Christmas stocking pattern and tutorial. Wendi used assorted Timeless basics like Willow, Polka Dot, Sketch, Jazz and Pop for the designs pictured below!

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The Santa appliqué pictured above is a free pattern — and so is the charming alphabet used for the name! Use any of the free appliqué, embroidery or quilting patterns available here, or simply adapt your favorite blocks from Wendi’s purchasable appliqué patterns. There are also tons of cute embroidery designs you can apply to your stockings! Patterns can be printed at a reduced size to fit the area you’re embellishing.


Use the many resources on Shiny Happy World to get started — there are plenty of lessons, video tutorials, guides to various techniques, and supplies available right there on her website.


Happy holidays!

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