Hello all! Rebecca Silbaugh from Ruby Blue Quilting Studio here for a fun little tutorial. I absolutely love precuts, and Timeless’s 6-Pack is a great new precut I couldn’t wait to get my hands on. I came up with this small quilt that’s perfect for the Joy colorway, but I’m sure it will work great with any fabrics and colors you choose!

How about we get started?!

You will need:

One 6-Pack (I used Joy)

3 yards backing fabric (I used Tonga-B1602-Cream)

1/2 yard binding fabric (I used Tonga-B9534-Hunter)

That’s it!

In the Joy 6-pack, there are four red fabrics, four green fabrics, and two cream/white fabrics. You will have two 6″ wide strips of each fabric.

Each of the strips may be just a smidge larger than 6″. Begin trimming each piece with making it a true 6″ width.

Trim each of the white fabrics into 2″ squares. You will need 48 squares of each fabric.

You will trim both the red and most of the green fabrics the same. After trimming the strip to measure 6″ wide, cut this piece into 3 strips, each 2″ wide. Then trim off the selvage edge of the strip so that it is square and even.

Trim from each strip three cuts 5″ wide and two cuts 2″ wide. Keep the same fabrics together in like sized piles.

Repeat the cutting above for all red fabrics and seven of the green strips. The last green strip will need to be cut into 12 pieces 2″ x 5″ for the outermost sashing pieces. I’d choose something that’s a bit more plain than the rest for this one.

To make the blocks, sew matching fabrics on either side of a white square. Since there were only two white fabrics, I chose to use one fabric with the red pieces and the other with the green. Press the seams towards the red or green pieces.

Stitch a matching 5″ wide strip of each fabric on the top and bottom of the strip. Press the seams towards the red or green fabrics.

You will need to make 48 red blocks and 42 green blocks. There should be 2″ x 5″ pieces left over from each fabric, these are for the sashing in the next step.

Lay out two rows of blocks at the same time. The top row should have 8 red blocks with green sashing and the bottom row should have 7 green blocks with red sashing (and the extra green sashing pieces cut earlier). Place the blocks with the longest seams running vertically (this will make your seams nest when piecing the rows together).

Each red fabric should be represented twice in the top row blocks. Below the blocks in the second row, place the matching sashing pieces for that fabric. Do the same with the green fabrics matching the blocks and sashing. Lastly, the extra green sashing will be placed outside the last red sashing at both ends of the second row. By doing this, the fabrics will be continuous from the top to the bottom of the quilt.

Stitch the rows together pressing the seams towards the sashing pieces. You should have six of each row (a total of 12 rows). Then stitch a top to a bottom, and stitch those pairs together until you have an awesome quilt top.

This quick and simple quilt will measure 46 1/2″ x 54″ finished. It’s great for a little pop of color, a wall hanging, or a small lap quilt.

This quilt is much more modern than my normal style, so I chose to quilt it more modern too. I used red and green threads and carried them onto the back of the quilt too.

This type of quilting was fun and filled the areas well while enhancing how the fabrics weave into eachother.

The backing I used was one of the white fabrics and really allowed for the quilting to stand out.

Plus using two different colors of thread was fun and unlike any other quilt I have made in the past.

Now it’s time to sit back and enjoy this bit of Christmas Joy in the heat of Summer! It’s only in the 90’s with 100% humidity here today… This is the type of weather that makes me look forward to winter! Just a tiny bit.

Paco sure is enjoying this quilt already! This quilt wasn’t on the floor for more than 2 seconds before he was on it. He’s like a little quilt magnet!

For more fun tutorials like this one, or to see more about patterns, my long-arm quilting, my dogs, or my book filled with quilts for precuts, Seamingly Scrappy, come visit me over at rubybluequilts.blogspot.com. I’d love for you to drop by!

Also, thank you to Timeless Treasures for inviting me to post on their blog! I had so much fun creating this quilt and I hope you do too!

Merry Christmas in July,

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