Looking for a quick birthday or “off-to-college” gift, or a bold pop of color to brighten up the living room? Check out mandy munroe‘s tutorial below to make a cheerful pillow with our Doodle collection. Combine it with Geek Chic, Ziggy, Soho and Sketch Dot (pictured), or pick your favorite Doodle coordinates; the options are endless!


Starting with this zingy limey chartreuse (Doodle-C1799-Lime) and Doodle Floral (Doodle-C1795-Black) I chose some fun black, white and grey prints from Geek ChicZiggySoho and Sketch Dot.


(Chevron-C1479-White/Black, News-C1306-White, Dot-C1395-Black, Fun-C8224-Charcoal, Zig-C1397-Black, Dot-C1396-Black, Soho-Black)


Doodle Floral 3 ½” x 20 ½”

Doodle Lime 5”x 41” (Cut into four 2 ½” x 20 ½” strips)

Batting 22” square

Black and Lime thread for quilting – I found Gutermann cotton 8975 matched pretty well.

Envelope Back

Doodle Floral cut two 15 ½” x 20 ½”

Batting cut two 14” x 20 ½”

Pillow Insert

I used a 20″ square pillow insert. If you would like to use another size pillow form, simply adjust the measurements to coincide with the size of your pillow form. The cover can measure the same size as the insert, or make the cover slightly smaller than the pillow form so it “stuffs up” more fully.

Piecing the front

  1. Cut black, white and grey strips of varying widths, between 1 ¼” and 2”wide x 20” long.
  2. Join strips with a ¼” seam until at least 10 ½” wide. Press seams behind darker fabrics. Tip: end with a wide strip on the edge so you can trim down to 10 ½” later if necessary.


  1. Trim ends and crosscut into four units at 5” intervals. Join 2 units short end to short end twice, to create two individual longer units.


  1. Measure length, if over 20 ½” either remove a strip or trim down.
  2. Join a lime strip to either side of both. Press. Rotate one strip for a more random look.


  1. Add Doodle Floral strip to join both in centre. Press.



Layer up front on batting and pin.

Using a walking foot if you have one, quilt on Lime strips ¼” away from seams. Quilt some black square shapes to add interest.

Increase stitch length and baste around the outside, 1/8” from edge.

Trim square.

Envelope Back

Make 2 pieces.

Press the centre overlap edges over ¼” and stitch with matching thread to neaten.

(Don’t forget to reset your stitch length!)


Lay batting on the wrong side of fabric, pin raw outside edges in line and fold the neatened edge over. Pin in place. Turn over and stitch 1” from edge on both pieces. Quilt if desired.


Place front RS up, then both backs RS down with raw outside edges in line. The backs should overlap in the centre 1/3rd.


Mark rounded corners with a coin.

Pin and stitch ¼” seam all the way around. Run an extra line of stitching all the way around in the seam allowance for reinforcement. Trim corners and turn right side out. Stuff with 20″ pillow form.



Enjoy your Doodle pillow!

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