Looking for a little something to brighten up the scene this winter? How about these cheerful headbands from Sew Can Do featuring Rain Basic? Using Dritz notions, these make a great holiday gift for girls, festive for any party!

Make a custom & comfortable headband to complement any outfit or occasion.

Materials Needed:

– Timeless Treasures Rain Basics in your favorite colors
Dritz Button Cover Kit
Dritz Ruffled Elastic
Dritz Headband Toggles
– Felt scraps
– Disappearing marker
– Hand sewing needle
– Thread scissors/die cutter (Cuttlebug, Big Shot, etc.)

Use the plastic template from the button kit to trace and cut out the cover fabric circle. Place metal cover in center and insert them into the silicone, folding the fabric edges inward. Place button shank back over top and use the plastic tool to press it inward until it clicks into place: 

Now the custom covered button is made. So simple! Repeat with remaining fabrics. To make flowers, cut out some coordinating felt in a scalloped circle slightly larger than buttons (I used my Cuttlebug die cutter to make this quick & easy):

Snip a small cut in the center of the felt and press the button shank through.  Now it’s ready to sew on.

To make the headband, take a length of ruffled elastic several inches longer than the desired head size and push ends through toggle while pushing down toggle button.  It’s much easier to “thread” the elastic if the raw ends are taped down like shoelace ends. Remove tape and stitch ends together with a French seam for a nice finish.

Hand sew button flowers onto headband and it’s ready to wear.

To make a petaled flower headband, make a paper pattern in a U shape that is 2″ by 2″. Cut 6 pairs of petals from the fabric. With right sides facing, sew along each petals curved edge with a 1/4 inch seam allowance and trim raw edge. Turn right side out and press. Bring together the open end in a small pleat and baste in place.  Fan petals together, overlapping at basted ends and stitch together.

Add a covered button in center and stitch to headband:

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